make Hangar k your

second home

Within Hangar K entrepreneurs support each other, learn from each other and realise their growth ambitions. Our inspiring coworking environment is the perfect breeding ground for the development of ground breaking ideas. In addition, it provides access to the power of a vivid community. Research shows that working in a coworking environment contributes to increased productivity and growth. Hangar K offers both individual desks (full or part-time) and flexible office space that can grow with your business.



Build a strong network
We have a fully equipped kitchen. People with a "healthy appetite" to exploit it can register
Access to workshops and events organized by Hangar K
Share experiences and get inspired
Collaboration and cross-pollination between start-ups, scale-ups and established businesses
Get access to a pool of talented people
Co-working and office space includes:
  • Desk/ ergonomic chairs/ lockers
  • 24/7 access to Hangar K
  • Internet
  • Coffee/thea/water/...
  • Meeting room credits
  • Access to events organised by Hangar K
  • Business class printer/copier/scanner
  • Cleaning service
  • Extra facilities: showers/ Bringme parcel service /
    parking subscription/ digital check-in systeem for visitors
Nelson Mandelaplein 2 | Kortrijk Weide
BE-8500 Kortrijk | België
+32 56 90 55 00
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