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Within Hangar K we can help you to set up innovation processes within your company. Our approach consists of three pillars :

Inspiration :
Most of our start-ups have a different view on the world and can inspire a group with their pitch sessions
Ideation :
We guide you in the search for new ideas and the structuring of those ideas.
Co-creation :
With the necessary experts we help to transform ideas into tangible prototypes.

What's in it

for you

Innovatie Check-Up

Inspiration, ideation & co-creation in half a day.
Innovation maintenance plan

Innovation is a process that doesn't stop at that one session. That's why we have a formula to hold a one-day innovation session at the start of a season.
Garage Sessions

Starting up in a garage is a must in Silicon Valley. That is why you can be immersed in an innovative bath for a week during a Garage Session. The result ? A prototype, an mvp.
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