Our Vision

With the Hangar K concept, we are the first in Flanders to have the explicit ambition to provide space for upcoming entrepreneurship, giving a boost to the digital industry.
From inspiring recent graduates to start their own businesses, to guiding startups in their growth, and supporting scale-ups in leveraging corporate networks. Hangar K aims to help find the solution to all these entrepreneurial challenges, with a focus on the digital, EdTech and gaming industries.

Our Mission

Hangar K empowers young entrepreneurs on their growth journey, by connecting them to the right partners, inspiring them through various sessions, and bringing them into a vibrant network of like-minded people.


Cheers to five years Hangar K! Hangar K celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2023. We are proud of the incredible journey of all the innovative krowdies who have been a part of our community.


In April 2023, the Flanders Game Hub is launched! From now on Hangar K will also be the home of operations from which game developers, companies, experts, investors and partners cooperate and exchange ideas.


A new hub is opened in May 2022:<edtech/station>. The team behind this hub will work towards an ecosystem that guides companies in the EdTech sector.


Starting in 2022, student entrepreneurs are supported in Hangar K through the project Start@K. With the help of the educational organisations in Kortrijk, students are guided through the first steps of entrepreneurship.


2018 marks the start of Hangar K! From now on, start-ups, scale-ups and established companies are welcome in the co-creation hub. Welcome to a new era of innovation at Hangar K!

Our Team

Hangar K, led by Chief Catalyst Vincent Vanderbeck, is powered by an innovative team. He is supported by community manager Flore. Start@K has a team with a project coordinator and business coaches. <edtech/station> has a team of 5 EdTech experts. And The Flanders Game Hub has a team of 4 Game enthousiast.

With their passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence, Hangar K's team is well-equipped to help shape the future for companies in its network.

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Nelson Mandelaplein 2 8500 Kortrijk

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