We are Hangar K, the dynamic co-creation hub!

We serve as a thriving ecosystem for innovation, collaboration, and growth within the digital industry and provide an inspiring environment for young entrepreneurs. We are home to a diverse community of companies, students, and hubs.

for start-ups, scale-ups & established companies

Whether you are a start-up, a scale-up looking for further growth, or an established company interested to find new ideas, Hangar K and the vibrant community provide the support you need to succeed. 
By putting all these different types of companies together, cross-pollination develops and stimulates growth in every possible way.


Through a unique combination of the co-working space, expertise, and networking opportunities, we offer an opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop and grow. 
Our goal is to stimulate entrepreneurship and contribute to a dynamic and innovative digital economy in Flanders and beyond. Discover the formulas that we offer at Hangar K to help you flourish.


At Hangar K, we offer flexible options, including desks, meeting rooms, and event spaces. We have various desk rental formulas to fit your specific needs.
Our meeting rooms and event spaces are equipped with quality technology. We provide a collaborative, supportive, and inspiring environment for businesses to thrive. Find the perfect space for your business and activities here. 

Upcoming events

Get ready to enjoy our engaging events! Join our dynamic community for diverse, exciting gatherings that foster learning and collaboration.
Perfect for business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking meaningful connections. Experience a supportive environment and unforgettable moments at our upcoming events!



18u30 - 21u30

How I Met My Cofounders

Together with the HIMMC team, we offer you an opportunity to challenge your ideas, meet the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, or simply network in a different way.



21u - 3u

Amber Broos in Club of the Future - FTI by Hangar K

On March 16th, Amber Broos will bring down the house with her set at Club of the Future. Her supporting acts are Jeroen Delodder & Yves Deruyter





9u - 18u


FuturED takes you through the limitless possibilities of technology and innovation in education & training of today and the future.

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