Virtual reality

Jelle Demanet, Carl Boel

VR, AR, MR, and XR... capture everyone's imagination. Beyond futuristic gaming applications, these technologies are increasingly claiming their place in the here and now. More organizations are  using VR and XR in the workplace today: in industry, healthcare, product design or entertainment,  education and culture.

Welkom in de Metaverse

Pieter Van Leugenhagen


This book describes how we will soon live and work in a virtual world: a look at our inevitable future. Entrepreneur and marketeer Pieter Van Leugenhagen explains what the metaverse is, where it comes from and how it will shape the future.

The book that helps you become the epic designer of our tomorrows

Jan Van Caneghem


This book wants to convince you of the need for creative thinking and design thinking. It takes a deeper look at the nature of creative thinking and how it is undervalued in education and corporate life.

Videomarketing like a pro

Clo Willaerts


When the world suddenly changed in March 2020, video went from a nice-to have to an essential tool for every company. Video Marketing like a PRO is a hands-on guide for anyone who wants to reach the growing online audience with their content - even if you have no experience in audiovisual production.


Thierry Geerts


Welcome to Digitalis, the land that connects more than 4 billion people through the internet and that faces the greatest challenge ever: reinventing the whole world. Why couldn't Belgium become the capital of Digitalis?



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